Fabulous come from the alphabet F

Like the fabulous four 

Unforgettable start with U and that is one word I wanna be remembered for

Charming is a word to describe one’s person beauty

Kindheartheaded is well, an adjective, even I myself know that.
U is well Unique. 

And anyway you can’t spell beauty without a U right! 

Put everything together and you get?

Well gurl, you just complimented me 

Well thank you.

Have a nice day x

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" If each day is a gift, I would like to know where I can return Mondays. "
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Zalfie + the photobooth ♡

     Just like Ellie and Carl, I want to be able to grow up with my significant others, knowing that our love will continue to live on even when one of us isn’t.
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